Bridal Bells

With Bridal Bells we've found an important strategic partner who can consistently provide us with the right bridal jewelry in the right quality and the right price, but who also possesses a complete grasp of the marketing side of the equation.  Add to that phenonmenal customer service, and a true sense that taking care of our customers' needs is job number one.

Dave and DJ Necker


Dewitt, IA

We probably sell some of the nicest jewelry in our part of Texas, and much of that is custom-made.  For bridal jewelry Bridal Bells is our first - and typically only - phone call when we needd CAD work.  They have the best prices and provide high quality work. We get what we expect, when we expect it, at a price that cant be beat.  Why go anywhere else!

Wayne Salem


Marble Falls, TX

From new product development to marketing, service, custom manufacturing, loose diamonds and trend forecasting, no other vendore we know has their hand on the pulse of the bridal business like Bridal Bells. They have the total package.

Lyn Hoppe


Richmond, IN